Dubins - Dubins Entrepreneurial Fund

The purpose of this scholarship is to support Allegany College of Maryland students by providing mentoring and financial assistance to students who wish to create or expand an entrepreneurial business. Mentoring would be provided by Bobbi Dubins and may include business planning, marketing, and business start-up. Financial support would be provided directly to students to assist with business start-up and expansion expenses. This scholarship will be awarded to a deserving student who has met the following minimum qualifications: Full- or part-time student who has at least a 3.0 GPA. Applicant must submit an essay which discusses your entrepreneurial concept and your commitment to work with a mentor, as well as your current and previous work experience and work ethic.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please discuss your personal background (accomplishments, ambitions, etc.) and why you are interested in working with an entrepreneurial mentor.
  2. What type of business do you wish to start/expand? Describe, in detail, what your business would do.
  3. Please discuss your current and previous work experience and describe your work ethic and explain how it relates to being an entrepreneur.
  4. Please provide names and contact information for at least two professional references who can speak to your level of commitment and work ethic.